Are you in the market to purchase a home?

                  Now is the time to have a BUYER’S AGENT working for you!

A whole new Evolution in the real estate market is taking place.

With a traditional real estate broker, the seller is the top priority at all times.

No so with Dirt Road Realty, Harvey Brown, an Exclusive Buyers Broker, is 100% committed to the buyer at no added cost.

You wouldn’t---for a lot of good reasons---go into an important court proceeding without an attorney, or worse, take the advice of the opposing attorney.  So why should you take the advice of a Seller’s real estate agent when purchasing a home? 

Did you know that the Listing Agent has a fiduciary obligation to the seller as a legal duty to obtain the highest price for the seller?

Dirt Road Realty

     * chooses to take No Listings-- the focus is only on the home buyer and there is absolutely no conflict of interest.

      * specializes in Rhinebeck, NY Real Estate and the surrounding towns of Milan, Millbrook, Red Hook and Tivoli.

      * provides crucial Property History -- information.

      adds value by providing Choices & Options -- from all listings including  exclusive listings without agency partiality.

      *Previews homes for our clients after there is a meeting of the minds.

 Let Dirt Road Realty show you how true Buyer representation works ---
       We work for you 100% of the time  @ no-added cost!  


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